About Us

We are a drinking community created by a group of wine enthusiasts from Singapore that have an attitude, warm wine sales, sharing, tasting, teaching and gatherings.



What Defines US


Happy and healthy drinking is our original intention. From wine lovers to uniting a community with our love for wine, food and most importantly having fun in the process.

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Why Choose Us


We are specifically interested in those good quality and affordable wines. Every wine in our shop is carefully chosen by us.

We have WSET certified tasters, teachers of wine professional courses, and some serious wine lovers and a growing team to help us choose and taste wines.

From time to time, we may also invite our friends from the judges of the International Wine Competition to help us judge wines. We continue to develop new ties with reputable wineries that works with us exclusively in Singapore, which can customize wines for corporate customers, and provide wine lovers with advanced services like exclusive vine subscription services and En Primeur services, etc.

Always wondering what to choose when it comes to wine? Fret not, we handpick only the good wines and have tasted every bottle of them.


Educare School


Dada Story


My name is Wilson. I’m the founder of Dada Wines.

In our lives, very often we say let’s drink together! But why? Sometimes we forget why we drink.

Sometimes I drink alone when I am lonely. Sometimes I drink with friends when we celebrate. Sometimes I drink when I’m depressed. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a good wine and share with my loved ones. Most of the time, wine helps. It helps both during highs and lows of my life. Very importantly, it is to be happy in your own life. It is not an easy thing, but wine helps.

In vino veritas, It's an old saying and that’s why when I started this business, I want to give it a soul, an attitude instead of just selling wines. Every wine has its life. It deserves to be drunk by who can appreciate it. It’s not necessary to be an expensive one. We want to bring more and more good and affordable wines so that everyone can enjoy without spending too much. We encourage healthy lifestyle, healthy drinking, be happy and enjoy life! We want all our Dada fellows to have a warm community that we can drink and share together to have so-called wine freedom. We take both our wines and community seriously. If we are lucky and our fellow community manage to grow big, let’s set a bold mark of 100,000 peoples in Singapore, we plan to do something really big, nice and amazing to reward all our Dada fellows. Let’s see if that can happen. Our story continues with each and every one of you…..


With full glass of best regards,