Wine for every occasion

A Type of Wine for Every Occasion

There are wines for all the four seasons of the year, for every occasion, to pair with any kind of dish, for every taste, and for every pocket. There are red, white, roses, sparkling, fortified, and sweet ones. And within each kind, there are full or light-bodied wines, old or young, very dry, with almost no sugar at all, and the very sweet ones, with more than 700g of sugar per liter. There are wines with only 2% of alcohol and other ones with 22%. There are wines made from unripe grapes and even some made from almost dry raisins.
The are infinite possibilites and there is always a type of wine suitable for every occasion.

Wine doesn't only pair well with food, or music, as I have already talked about, it also matches well with an occasion or specific contexts. Circumstances can definitely influence our appreciation of a good bottle. Our state of mind, the people who you drink with, the room temperature, the music, the lighting, the decoration, the view, the season, everything that was drunk before and that we plan to drink after. The occasion will complete the sensory experience meaning. For sheer fun, we can delineate a wine classification in the following way:

Some wines, like some musical pieces, play a specific role. For example, preludes, or openings, prepare our ears for what will follow. We can, therefore, call these wines, wines of introduction, whose function is to sharpen and prepare the palate. As for the conversational wines, their purpose is fraternization and companionship, just like in Neruda's poems: gregarious, drinking to the sound of stories and laughter.
Pretext wines are mere distractions, also known as entertainment wines, they play the same role as popcorns for movie buffs.

Wine for visits, or for hosting events, have a certain formality to it, the chosen label varies according to the significance and importance of the ceremony or guest.

The refreshing wine is that which, like the nostrils, opens before its freshness, and the palate, before its acidity, it makes the heart open to life.  

Corporate wines, with many digits on the price label, are suitable for closing big deals. Also related to ostentatious wines, for those who "possession" is more important than "experience." At the same level, we have dream wines, those whose prices and rarity drive them away from our reality and brings them closer to our fantasies.

The important wines, suitable for important people; and even more important wines, for simple people for whom any wine is a gift. Many aim to taste a special wine to celebrate 100 years, but this can be the same used to celebrate every minute.

The wine of the technicians - agronomists, winemakers and farmers - for them, wine is more than something fermented from grapes, it is their sweat, daily labor, dedication, and sustenance. Opposite of the Apollonian wine of professional tasters, classifications, rankings and guides; Related to the objective and practical ones' wines that want the "best" for their money, and seek this "best" in the guides.

There is still the poetic wine, although the poetry is not within it but within the one who drinks it and stands on its vindication.

Let us not forget the useful battle wine, when quantity makes quality impossible, very common in vernissages, weddings and autograph events.

Also, why not, the wine to get drunk, because it is necessary to be moderate in everything, even in moderation, even if sometimes we indulge in some excesses.

The only wine I do not know is the wine of sadness and loneliness, because it sours quickly, known as vinegar.
Above all, the wine of joy, because without joy, neither life nor wine are worth it.

Right wine for the right occasion

There are really no hard and fast rules when choosing the best wine for each occasion - especially when you consider the fact that people are partial to certain wines depending on their personal preference and taste. Here are a few 'soft' guidelines to help you choose the right wine for the right occasion. This will give you a good idea on how to complement an occasion - and certain dishe - with the right kind of wine.

1. White Wines - white wines, being lighter and drier than red wines are best served during the earlier part of the evening or before the main course. Chardonnay, having wide appeal among most wine connoisseurs, is also perfect for serving along with rich tasting courses, especially those that have creamy sauces. Sauvignon Blanc, while not as dry as Chardonnay, still makes excellent company with salads, shrimp, and fish due to its fruity nature.

White wines are perfect for starting off an evening on the right foot, and are also wonderful for toasts and special occasions. Champagne is a regular fixture at weddings and is indispensable at such occasions.

2. Red Wines - red wines are great for main courses and are typically served during the latter part of any occasion. Their full bodied nature makes them a great complement to hearty meals. If you are looking for the wine that is most certain to please the most people, go for Merlot. It has a balanced mix of body and lightness that make it the perfect choice for most dishes. It particularly does well with poultry, pork and lamb.

The scintillating aroma of plum, vanilla and blackberry make Pinot Noir an intriguing proposition during special occasions. It is not as heralded as Merlot or Cabernet, so many people may not recognize its unique blend. It goes well with creamy sauces.

For spicy foods, Shiraz is a fiery complement. It has a peppery taste that will greatly enhance the flavor in barbeques, roasts, and chili or spicy dishes.

For a hearty, full taste, look no further than Chianti. Chianti is the best wine to accompany tomato dishes and poultry. It is wonderfully versatile in having varied range in price and quality.

During some occasions you may want to prepare servings of both red and white wine, and have your guests sample which they would have for the rest of the evening. Most people choose their drinks early on and keep them until the end of the reception.